IE International Group
We Build Great Businesses!
Every company in the group operates in its own right. Clients can select which services they require any one of the IE Group companies and sign an agreement with the relevant company. All our services add up to what is required for a successful business as per “The Pyramid of Success”. IE International's clients consist of various business levels.

1) VIP Clients

2) VIP Gold Clients

3) VIP Platinum Clients - where the client signs up with IE International for a minimum of 3 months.

Mission, vision & code of honour


To serve business people and their organisations, in order for them to realise and even exceed their expectations and live the life of their dreams by tapping into their INNER STRENGTHS.

We Do This By:

1.  Inspiring, leading and coaching people to make sound decisions and take action to follow through on those decisions and challenges on a daily basis.

2.  Ensuring people and organisation realise that it is not money that starts and develops businesses.  It is an idea and the WILL and PASSION e to take consistent action towards fulfilling that idea.

3.  Teaching you how to keep personal and organisational records of RESULTS to enable them to operate effectively and  make informed decisions on what works and what does not. This is done to ensure tomorrow would be an improvement better on today.


Our vision is to build great businesses and organisations by empowering people.. We are the leaders in producing success stories to impact the world towards creating positive values and new possibilities.

MOTTO:  Mission – Team  – Individual

mission vision and values

Code of Honour

1. Mission first, team second, individual third.

2. Never abandon a teammate in need.

3. Everyone must sell.

4. Ask more of others than they would ask of themselves .

5. Seek no acknowledgement or sympathy and don’t lay your problems on others .

6. Be on time – by being early at work.

7. Respond to all requests within 24 hrs.

8. Everyone on the team should take ownership and responsibility (no laying of blame, justification f self, finger pointing or denial).

9. When in doubt take action.
10. Do whatever it takes, as long as it’s legal, ethical and moral to win and celebrate all wins.


11. Deal direct, be willing to “call it” and be “called”.

12. Honour all agreements:

a) Clear up any potential broken agreement on the first opportunity.

b) Clear up a broken agreement immediately.

13. Communicate any issue to the appropriate person who is able to do something: GO DIRECT.

14. Finish what you start.

15. Stay in exchange in all personal and business transactions.

16. Be honest in all transactions and communication.

17. Never abandon your post- make sure you are 100% covered and documented in case of absence or before you vacate your position for any reason or length of time.


vision & mission